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Courses that fulfill the recommended list of continuing education courses for the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) Doula Providers are free to Black, Indigenous and other Doulas of Color, due to a generous grant from the Stupski Foundation for Bay Area Doulas, and direct funds from Diversity Uplifts, Inc. and Dr. Sayida Uplifts, LLC.

Strengthening Cultural Humility, Dismantling Implicit Bias in the Healthcare Setting

(90-minute, self-paced course)

This training will focus on increasing cultural conscientiousness, sensitivity and humility. It will also broaden participant’s awareness of their own implicit biases (subtle, unconscious assumptions about others) and equip them with tools to engage with patients/clients, in more open, respectful and empathetic ways.

Course meets the requirements of California State laws on implicit bias training and the requirements for California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) Medi-Cal doula providers.

After completing the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  This is the only documentation needed for DHCS Medi-Cal Doula providers. CE credits are not required by DHCS for Medi-Cal doulas. 

Note: If you are a birthworker or provider that needs CE credits, the Implicit Bias course above is available HERE.

Complimentary Learning Opportunities in partnership with the

Center for Innovation & Resources, Inc.

CATTA's Statewide Learning Series on Historical Trauma

A multipart learning series that accommodates various learning styles, featuring: an audio article, two podcast episodes, a webinar, a panel discussion, and interdisciplinary group discussions. Listen in on a conversation with Dr. Sayida  in Part 2 of the series! Created by the Child Abuse Training and Technical Assistance (CATTA) Center, a project of the Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc.

California Trauma Informed Care Academy

Designed to provide a baseline on the neurobiology of trauma and best trauma-informed practices for multidisciplinary professionals. Dr. Sayida is featured in Module 2. Created by the California Trauma Informed Care Academy (CalTICA), a project of the Center for Innovation and Resources, Inc.